Blackjack and Roulette Odds

Casino games tend to be enjoyable, regardless of where you play them, and the popularity of online casinos with players residing in New Zealand proves that Kiwi players love to gamble. New Zealand’s most successful blackjack and roulette players know, however, that luck and skill are only part of the game, and that one of the most important elements of casino strategy is a sensitivity to the casino’s house edge.

The casino’s edge, also know as the house advantage, is an expression of the probability of a casino’s profit for a certain game. These odds are determined by comparing the amount of money a player spends in their initial bet for a particular game to their final bankroll when play commences.

Roulette’s odds are relatively straightforward, as the game is based purely on chance. This simplicity is one of the reasons that roulette wheels are so popular with casino patrons, but it’s important to note that the house edge can be deceptively high in some casino’s versions of roulette, so make sure that your roulette wheel only has one zero space.

Blackjack odds are generally favourable for casino visitors, but it’s also possible for players to improve their chances with good blackjack strategy. A casino’s blackjack house edge is highly dependant on the skill of its players.

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