Basic Strategy Results

I thought I would provide an update on my play now that I’ve started using Basic Strategy. Let me say that it is pretty exciting to be winning more often than not now. Now there are certainly times that I feel the Basic Strategy goes against my judgment and a lot of the times I end up busting or the dealer beats me in these cases, but I know that using the blackjack strategy is a far better move in the long run than relying on my judgment, which in most cases is just a guess or a feeling.
This is the hardest part of getting used to using Basic Strategy. You are putting the out come of your hands in the hands of a chart. Those little letters are ultimately responsible for your play. Even though I know that each Blackjack Strategy has been vetted by many Blackjack professionals and academics numerous times over the years, it is still hard to rely on a chart filled with letters but when you do it is easy to see the results right away.

I wish I had a trick to share when it comes to memorizing the Basic Strategy Chart but sadly I don’t. I’ve been playing game after game and slowly but surely I am committing the chart to memory. If anyone has any tricks to memorizing the charts I would love to hear them.

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