Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy, from the name you might expect a strategy that is simple, easy to use and provides very little benefit to your game play. At least those were the thoughts that came to mind when I first read about Basic Strategy for Blackjack. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I suppose compared to other strategies like card counting, Basic Strategy is pretty easy and simple to use. However for someone trying to learn them, they can be quite complicated.
First I have to worry about how many decks are being used, does the dealer hit or stand on soft 17’s, is early surrender available (to list only a few options).
Once I know these I have to pick the appropriate Basic strategy to use as each variant of Blackjack has it’s own Basic Strategy.

To make things easier for myself and for other I have decided that I will cover Basic Strategy in detail. I will post a Basic Strategy chart for each variant and explain which each chart means. This way I and my readers will be able to quickly find the appropriate chart for their chosen blackjack variant.

The best thing about Basic Strategy is that you can take a basic strategy chart with you to the casino blackjack table and use it as a reference for when you suffer a memory lapse :) One piece of advice that I have been told and it sounds like a good piece of advice so I will pass it along. Do not rely on your basic strategy chart at a table, if you slow down play at the table not only will be hurting the dealer (they have to deal a certain number of hands per hour) you will be asked to stop using the chart or leave the table. Remember to treat it as a “reference” chart and not a step by step guide.

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